Custom built web application on Heroku


    Bridging the gap between customers and business with a custom made web application.


    Hygain wanted to bring their equine nutrition analysis and advice program into the 21st century. The vision was to design and build a completely new version of their equine nutrition platform “Nutrikey” and integrate it with Salesforce for closed loop marketing and automation.


    A complete customised web application designed and built from the ground up.

    The application guides horse owners through a comprehensive series of questions to determine any deficiencies, while complex feed algorithms determine base line feed requirements.

    Hygain nutrition experts have their own area of the application to further customise feed programs before publishing results to the horse owner’s portal, where the report can be downloaded.

    The owner’s portal gives owners an area to submit and review past nutrition programs and check the progress of any pending nutrition reports. This digital home for Hygain customers serves a critical functional for Hygain, playing a crucial role in its strategy of outreach and marketing automation.

    Customer and horse information is integrated real time into Hygain’s core Salesforce via Heroku Connect, where they can leverage up to date information into their Marketing and Customer segmentation activities.

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